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Mark May hits the 'send all drafts' button on his Twitter

Mark May already has the strangest, most difficult to decipher Twitter in all of college football. Tuesday, we got to see the tweets that didn't make the initial cut.

Do you have a Twitter client on your phone? Have you ever written a tweet and decided, for whatever reason, not to send it? Have you ever looked and noticed that all those posts get saved into a folder called "drafts" so you can peruse your failed/planned tweets at any point in time?

Have you ever noticed that there's an option there for "send all" drafts? Have you ever wondered: WHY THE HELL WOULD ANYBODY WANT TO SEND ALL DRAFTS?!?!?!?!?! What practical reason could anybody have to tweet every single one of their semi-formed, discarded tweets for everybody to see at the same time?

There is no reason. The only reason you would do this is by accident.

And of all the people in the sports world who could do this by accident, Mark May was the most likely. We've already probed the depths and given you a definitive guide to his mysterious Twitter account, where everything is so poorly written that it seems kind of like a drafts folder already. Tuesday night, we were given a glimpse at the tweets that ended up on the cutting room floor, Mark May's Twitter b-sides -- and it was fantastic.


May would unknowingly tweet about 50 times in about 10 minutes.

Yeah, we noticed

YEAH! We noticed!


Maryland player

Wyoming referee

Indiana fan


"very nice person"

Some of his tweets were prescient:

No, they're not

Yes, he is

Oh, my, they most certainly do.

Others, not so much:

And at the end of it all...

"Hacked." Sure.