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Nate Burleson breaks arm trying to grab pizza

Hey bro when you gotta get your 'za on, you gotta get your 'za on. We've all been there.

Gregory Shamus

CBS Detroit reports that Nate Burleson's car crash and subsequent broken arm was not the result of alcohol, but something far more cheesy and delicious.

The incident happened on westbound I-696 near Drake in Farmington Hills, police said, when Burleson was "trying to catch an object that was falling off his seat."

He reached down to pick up the object later described as pizza and hit the median wall, Lt. Michael Shaw said.

ESPN has more!

"It was actually a whole pizza," [Michigan State Police Lt. Michael] Shaw said. "He had purchased two whole pizzas, and one was sitting on top of the other one, and I guess when he was driving one of them was slipping off, and he was reaching over to push it back onto the seat and overcorrected and hit the median wall."

more like Pizza Hurt am I right

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