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Geno Smith accomplishes BUTTFUMBLE 2.0: REVERSE BUTTFUMBLE

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Another Jets quarterback, another butt-related fumble leading to a touchdown.

The most defining moment in Sports GIF history was probably the Buttfumble: Mark Sanchez's crash into a lineman's butt that was returned for a touchdown, encapsulating the Jets' offense in one butt-related loop.

We waited. We waited a long time for the sequel. But now, Geno Smith has given us its successor: another butt-related Jets QB fail that led to an opposing score:


It's not as beautiful as the original Buttfumble, because it doesn't have the poetic simplicity of a man ramming his head into a butt so hard that he drops the ball, but still: What is Geno Smith doing? Why is he trying to hand the ball from his throwing hand to his not-throwing hand behind his back? Why is he rubbing the ball on his butt first?

Either way, it's an easy score for Karl Klug of the Titans, and the Jets were trailing, 31-6, after another humorous offensive afternoon.