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Indians closer Chris Perez's weed-smoking dog got him into trouble

Chris Perez's drugs were mailed to him with his puppy's name on the envelope. The Indians closer took the fall, but we know what's up.

Jim Rogash

Chris Perez pled guilty to misdemeanor drug charges Tuesday, but it seems the real culprit is the Indians closer's cannabis-craving canine. (Well, it's actually Perez, but we'd like to believe our version of the story.)

Perez was charged with fourth-degree misdemeanor drug abuse and receiving a small package of marijuana. But that package wasn't for him, according to the address:

(Hat-tip to FTW)

The six-ounce bag of marijuana was sent from Los Angeles and addressed to Brody Baum, the couple's dog.

Brody! You mischievous mutt!

Perez would admit the drugs and a variety of paraphernaila found in his home was actually his, and not Brody's, and was handed a $250 fine, a year of probation, and an appearance speaking to high schoolers.

However, it seems Brody has gotten away scott-free. SB Nation's crack investigative team has tracked down eyewitness reports and sketched several pictures of what we believe this criminal dog to look like.