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Jaguars mascot owns up on painful paintball bet, is going to die by the end of this season

Be careful, Jaxson De Ville. Seriously. We're worried about you.

Enthusiastic Jaguars mascot Jaxson De Ville is being subjected to worse and worse pain every week -- and we're not even talking about the fact that he has to watch the Jaguars.

As we told you, he keeps making bets with opposing mascots on social media, and, well, the Jaguars are not helping him out by winning the best. First he just had to dance in a thong. Tame. But this past week, he bet the Colts' mascot that the loser would have to take a paintball firing squad, with the total number of points scored equal to the number of paintballs the loser had to subject himself to.

The Jaguars lost. 37-3. That's 40 paintballs. Somebody who takes pain in the pleasure of others uploaded the video of the spandexed mascot taking the barrage from close range while wearing spandex, first in regular speed, then in slow motion:

OW. OW OW OW. If you've ever played paintball -- I have, but never while wearing spandex -- you know the most painful ones are the ones that don't break, and, yes, there are several of those.

What concerns me most is that at the end of the video he holds up a sign saying "DTWD" -- Duval Til We Die. At this point, I'm worried if that's a serious statement? I am genuinely concerned that Jaxson De Ville is going to continue making wagers all season long with worse and worse outcomes -- HEY, BRONCOS MASCOT, LOSER HAS TO REMAIN ON FIRE FOR THE AMOUNT OF SECONDS AS THE MARGIN OF VICTORY -- until his inevitable demise.

We're pulling for you, Jaxson. There's no need to do this. Although it does make for really great videos.