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Ryan Seacrest invades the NFL's opening game, gets violently booed


UPDATE: We now have video of Broncos fans booing Seacrest:

And his entrance to the field, which may have sparked the football gods to spring us with a weather delay for the opening game of the season:


For good measure:


Pop culture maven Ryan Seacrest has achieved fame as the host of American Idol, those Top 40 shows on the radio on weekends, and now some quiz show on NBC that I don't remember the name of. But in a move TOTALLY NOT RELATED to promoting said quiz show on NBC I don't remember the name of, he is now showing up on NFL broadcasts, for some reason?


Channels with the rights to NFL coverage have long battled to insert as many random/unlikeable figures into their NFL coverage as possible, just to prove that nobody will turn off football as long as there is football. (Also, I still don't know the name of that quiz show, so, I guess this didn't work?)