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Brent Musburger interviews Eminem, and it's somehow more awkward than we expected

Brent Musburger and Eminem are national treasures, and they united for one predictably awesome, weird, and confusing interview during Michigan-Notre Dame.

Look: We expected Eminem hopping into the ESPN booth during halftime of Michigan-Notre Dame to talk to Brent Musburger and Kirk Herbstreit to be weird.

This is why we photoshopped a bunch of pictures of Brent Musburger being hip-hop and asked the brilliant Adam Jacobi to write song lyrics reinterpreted through Musburger's eyes.

It was somehow weirder than we expected.

First off, Eminem pretended to be out of it after ESPN premiered his new video:


After one question, Kirk Herbstreit quickly and perhaps smartly asked to go to commercial break.

Then, after that commercial break, Musburger played a stereotype of himself by talking about gambling. And after that, Eminem made everybody uncomfortable by going on a tangent about how Musberger is one of his favorite announcers and Kirk Herbstreit wasn't.

Just one of the 283,482 reasons college football is great.