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Stanford band ruins 2014 Rose Bowl (for boring people)

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For the second straight year, people are mad that some college kids had fun.

Some marching bands have reputations. Stanford's, as you might have known is general weirdness. (Well, general weirdness and running onto the field that one time during a live play, but, mainly general weirdness.)

Last year, they ruined the 2013 Rose Bowl (for boring people) with an "ode to cheese." (Update: And they did it again in 2016.) This year, they didn't disappoint:





Snapchat! Invented by Stanford people. This image will disappear in 15 seconds.


People were mad:

Nobody takes Stanford University seriously.

Anyway, we feel these college kids should be ashamed. 17-to-21-year-olds putting on weird uniforms and hats, playing medleys of songs by bands from the 70's and forming big random shapes that people in the crowd can discern is a time-honored tradition, and the Stanford band has brought disgrace to it by actually enjoying themselves.

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