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Cody Zeller's bad New Year's gets worse with missed dunk

Cody Zeller almost put Blake Griffin on a poster. It ... it ... it didn't work out.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

We already told you about how Cody Zeller had another sad, lonely New Year's Eve:

He had a chance to make it better.

Kemba Walker found him streaking down the court. Full-speed. Only one man between him and the basket, and that person -- Blake Griffin -- had already given up on stopping him, playing a charge. Everything was set up perfectly for Zeller to put the sensational dunkmaster Griffin on the wrong end of a poster.

Zeller rose from a step inside the free throw line, and ... and ... AND ...



So close, yet so far, Cody. So very, very, very far.

If he takes a dribble, it's a bucket. He did not take a dribble. The disappointed reaction of the bench is pretty stellar. They were ready to explode.