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The Cubs have a new mascot, 'Clark' the sad bear

Those eyes. How they haunt us.

The Cubs have never had a mascot before. (Although a fan certainly tried last year.) That all changes today. Behold:

Yes, "Clark." Look how sad those eyes are. You can already tell he's a huge Cubs fan. No word on his catchphrase yet, but it's probably going to be something like: "Well, at least we didn't get no-hit. [long, ragged sigh]"

Oh, also: you named the Cubs mascot "Clark." Here's something that happened to the Cubs one of the last two times they made it to the NLCS:

The other time in the last 30 years they made it to the NLCS, in 2003? We, uh ... we probably don't want to talk about that.

This is very easy to defile.

Deadspin is having a Photoshop contest, which is must-see stuff.

There is also an in-person version of Clark and oh no

The eyes, too wide, like the bear is on some upper. Staring right at that child. Next to unenthusiastic kids. Dear goodness.