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Deion Sanders tweets he'll play in the Pro Bowl, Jerry Rice is more lukewarm

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It's way past Primetime, but Deion Sanders wants to participate in the NFL's big exhibition game.


This year is the 44th Pro Bowl since the AFC-NFC merger, meaning it's the 44th season the NFL has tried to figure out ways to get people to watch the Pro Bowl. The big twist this year: Deion Sanders and Jerry Rice are drafting teams!

But wait... there's more!!!!!!!11!11!!!!!!1!

Yes! Finally! We haven't seen Primetime pretend he was still in NFL shape since 2005! (Unless we count the Leon Sandcastle thing.) Nothing could get me to watch this football event widely derided for being a sham version of the sport like a player nearly a decade removed from playing football taking the field!


OHHHHH! THAT SOUNDS LIKE A CHALLENGE! Could we really get to see Nick Foles dropping back and throwing to Jerry Rice guarded by Deion Sanders while the other 19 players on the field just kind of relax? Oh boy!

Sanders is 46. Rice is 51. (He did play until 2005, too, which is pretty impressive.) We're not going to watch the Pro Bowl -- unless our job, um, asks us to -- and this won't change that. Please don't let two old dudes hurt their hamstrings in hopes we watch.