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Marc Gasol invents the self-buttslap

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Give yourself a pat on the back, Marc. Err, a slap on the butt. Your own butt.

Jeff Gross

Marc Gasol returned from injury tonight against the Thunder! The Grizzlies won despite a whopping 37-point performance from Kevin Durant, thanks in part to Gasol's contribution. To celebrate, he introduced the world to a spectacular new celebration (GIF via Royce Young)



Step 1. Start running

Step 2. Jump

Step 3. Slap your own butt

Sports has long been a buttslap friendly place. But so rarely do we see athletes slap their own butts. Marc Gasol deserved a buttslap, regardless of whether there was anybody to give it to him, and he should be commended for congratulating his own butt region for the hard work it puts in.

(You could argue this was invented in Happy Gilmore, but our sources inform us that movie was not, in fact, a documentary.)