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Vladimir Putin is struggling to put on a hockey helmet

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Here at SB Nation, we are big fans of Vladimir Putin sports. Like the time he stole Robert Kraft's Super Bowl ring and said he could kill somebody with it, or any of the many videos of him killing people while doing judo. (Not actually killing them. Just judo-killing them.)

That's why we were very glad to find this video of him playing hockey in advance of the Sochi Olympics. Last week, he was joined by Belarus president Alexander Lukashenko and hockey legend Pavel Bure.

(We saw this over at SI.)

It's a slow-paced game and he doesn't seem to be testing the goalie much, but perhaps a younger, spryer Putin was someone not to be messed with on the ice. He is 61, after all, and this is much, much, much, much better than we will be at any sport when we are 61. And his hockey fist-bumps are on point!

However, now Reddit uncovered Putin struggling to put on a helmet:


His first attempt, as you can see, is backwards. Russian agents have since been charged with putting small amounts of radioactive materials in the helmet's food. We are also scared because we just made a joke about Vladimir Putin and do not want to die.