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Steph Curry is good at throwing basketballs into hoops from long distances

We get it, Steph. You can hit long-range shots. We're not impressed anymore. (ACTUALLY, WE'RE LIKE THE MOST IMPRESSED.)

You know how Stephen Curry is, like, preposterously good at throwing basketballs into basketball baskets from far away? Like, you know, how he shot 45.3 percent while taking 7.7 threes per game last year, which is probably the best shooting line in the history of the NBA?

Well, dude continues to rub in the fact that he is very good at throwing basketballs into basketball baskets from far away.

Shot No. 1:


35-ish feet, from off the court, shot like Shawn Marion? Swish. No celebration. (Well, the security guy wanted a high five, so he gave him a high five.) Just part of the routine before heading back into the locker room.

Shot No. 2:


Curry said this shot took him five tries, so it isn't impressive. OH WAIT, HE DRAINED A SHOT FROM 70 FEET ONE-HANDED THAT WOULD TAKE ME SEVEN TRILLION TRIES.

The impressive thing is, nailing shots is generally form-based, and he didn't take either of these shots like his regular jumper. He's just uncannily good. Get him any distance away from the hoop. Make him play beer pong or cornhole. Give him a football and place a garbage can 40 yards away. He'll throw the thing into the other thing.