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Blake Bortles' performance in the Fiesta Bowl against Baylor was, indeed, a FATALITY.

It's no secret that I truly love saying the word Bortles. We all do. There's something magical about it. In fact, there's like 45 to 80 things that are magical about it. One of those magical things is that "Bortles" -- BORTLES -- rhymes with "Mortal," as in, "Mortal Kombat."

Anyway, Tuesday night Blake Bortles and the UCF Knights romped over Baylor in the Fiesta Bowl in what was, by point spread, the biggest upset in BCS history. Bortles slang for 301 yards and three touchdowns, plus ran for 93 yards and a TD. So we decided to commission @SBNationGIF to make an ode to Blake.

And he did. Masterfully:


Personally, we would've gone with Scorpion due to Bortles' SLINGIN' capabilities, but... well, yeah. Fatality.

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