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Dogecoin raises money to send Jamaica bobsled team to Winter Olympics

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An online cryptocurrency based on a popular Internet meme might be our best chance at a real life Cool Runnings sequel. THIS IS THE WORLD WE LIVE IN.

(GIF via @LaughinStoic)

The Jamaican bobsled team qualified for the Winter Olympics, but needs help to get there.

The Internet is doing its best to help get them there. Most notably, Reddit's Dogecoin community is collecting funds —  $35K — to make this happen.

A quick explainer, from our smart friends at The Verge:

Though donating directly to the Jamaican bobsled team's PayPal account or Indiegogo campaign may have been the safest and simplest option for support, Reddit's Dogecoin community was also hoping to gain some publicity for its digital currency through the fundraiser. Many of the fundraiser's most popular comments remark on how much good press it will bring, while others hoped that Jamaica's bobsledders would wear the currency's insignia or namedrop it during interviews.

Dogecoin's community has certainly proven that it's willing to invest in the currency, but it still remains far behind alternatives such as Bitcoin in ease of use and value. Buying and exchanging Dogecoin still requires transferring through Bitcoin first, and a single unit of Dogecoin is still significantly less valuable than a single unit of Bitcoin: though over 26 million doge was collected for the Jamaican bobsledders, that only adds up to 35 bitcoin.


Much pride.

Such power.

Many bad-ass mothers who don't take no crap off of nobody!