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NC State fans chant 'ACC! ACC!' at Maryland during basketball win

It's one thing to chant conference letters at another school during a win. It's another, funnier thing to do it when playing a team from your conference.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Maryland is going through one long, protracted final season in the ACC. It's been awkward, ever since the time the ACC's mascots gallivanted around New York while the Terp was forced to awkwardly tag along and butt into the side of photos. The Terrapins would obviously much rather be in the Big Ten immediately, but there's still papers saying they have to play in the ACC this year -- and of course, an enormous lawsuit between the school and the ACC about whether they have to pay to leave.

Monday, NC State kicked the tar out of the turtles in Raleigh, outscoring the Terrapins 45-27 in the second half en route to a 65-56 win. The Wolfpack fans mocked Maryland's predicament with a righteous "A-C-C!" chant in the game's closing seconds:

It's not the first A-C-C chant ever -- the whole thing is a spinoff of the predominant "S-E-C," and probably had its most notable outing when Clemson beat Georgia in football this year -- but it might be the first time conference letters have been chanted at another team hypothetically in the same conference.

Maryland fans do seem rather glad to be leaving, so ... thanks?