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Get your Detroit Lions 'Conference Participants' T-shirt

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The Detroit Lions haven't won the NFC North since 1993, but now you can get a shirt signifying that they tried.

It has been 20 seasons since the Detroit Lions won the NFC North -- so long the division was the NFC Central then. Twenty long, long seasons. One of those seasons, they didn't win any football games. Some of them, like this past season, they nearly won enough to win the division, although they nosedived by losing their last four games. Some of those seasons, they actually made the playoffs, but they've lost every time during the playoff drought.

It's the second-longest division drought in the NFL, behind only the Cleveland Browns, who haven't actually existed as a franchise for the entirety of their drought. Therefore, Detroit fans have been unable to buy any celebratory merchandise whatsoever relating to their team.

Thanks to Detroit-based funny T-shirt company Alternative Hero, that problem has been solved.

That's right, Lions fans, you can get yourself a Detroit Lions "Conference Participants" T-shirt! (Well, not actually the Detroit Lions, since this shirt isn't NFL-licensed, but a shirt with a more kitten-like lion rampant.) Can't you feel the excitement emanating from those models who didn't know they were modeling this shirt? They earned this by playing in 16 football games. A lot of people couldn't do that!

No, it's not a division championship T-shirt like the ones the Packers can get or a conference champions T-shirt like the one the Seahawks can get. But, um, it's still a shirt! And do you really like your chances to be able to purchase one of those other shirts in the near future?