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Daryl Morey might be a creepy boss

The Rockets GM invades Chandler Parsons' AMA to ask a weird question.

Chandler Parsons had himself an AMA on Tuesday. Known Redditor Daryl Morey, Parsons' boss and GM of the Rockets, stepped in to ask a question. And that question was pretty creepy.


If Morey wanted a serious answer, that answer is: no. No, general managers will not ever get endorsement deals involving girls who look like Ashley Sky. I mean, come on. You could have taken your shirt off, shot a selfie and answered this question yourself. Smarten up, Nas.

The only thing creepier than Morey's question here is Parsons' response. The lack of an appropriate emoji makes me wonder if Parsons is serious. I mean, he did attend the University of Florida. You can never be too sure.

H/T: @jarg0naut