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The chronicles of Andrea 'Air' Bargnani

Sometimes, Andrea Bargnani tries to take flight. It does not work often.

UPDATE: We set this momentous event to R. Kelly's classic "I Believe I Can Fly:"

Andrea Bargnani's tenure with the Knicks, has... well... well... let's just put this here:

Tonight, against the Sixers, he's actually doing his part: 18 points on just 11 shots through three quarters, plus four blocks. However, he earned his way onto the lowlights with one play.

Bargnani got the ball outside the three-point arc and wisely opted not to take the shot -- he's 1-for-5 on the night, 28.2 percent on the year. Next, he tried to go for the poster dunk on Thaddeus Young, but didn't really possess the momentum or strength to keep going. Instead



The announcers were worried he seriously hurt himself. (He'd later go to the locker room, but was deemed uninjured.) To add insult to potential injury, the ball came back off the stanchion to hit him.

Edit: Obligatory Wrecking Ball video.

This is actually the second AIR BARGS moment we've witnessed this year:


This is pretty spectacular:

And here's a frame-by-frame analysis of the takeoff and landing. Please note Carmelo Anthony's reaction.


All photos by Jim O'Connor/USA TODAY Sports.