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Antonio Cromartie tries to run back field goal at end of Pro Bowl, nobody pays attention

There was almost a repeat of the Auburn Kick-Six, but nobody paid attention... except for somebody in Las Vegas, who is contemplating the point of their existence right now.

Okay, let's talk about the strangest ending to a football game ever.

The Pro Bowl was Team Rice vs. Team Sanders, two teams made up literally days before the game. Somehow, somebody in Las Vegas decided that Team Rice should be favored by 1.5 points. Did anybody bet on the Pro Bowl? Who knows. If somebody did, I apologize to them so hard. They need help.

The game, with the new teams, was actually somewhat interesting, with both teams seeming to care. The teams were tied after three quarters, but Jordan Cameron scored for Team Sanders to make it 21-14. In the last two minutes, Alex Smith led a drive culminating in a touchdown pass to DeMarco Murray. Because NOOOOBODY IN THE WOOOORLDLDLDLDLD would possibly want there to be a Pro Bowl overtime, Team Rice went for two and converted, with Mike Tolbert picking up the score:


Team Sanders tried to drive the length of the field, but ended up with a 67-yard field goal attempt. Which missed. And ended up with Antonio Cromartie running the ball back to mimic the Auburn kick-six.

But here's the thing: nobody cared whether he ran it back. Both teams poured onto the field. People took their helmets off. The game was ruled over.

But hypothetically, somebody in Las Vegas had to be FURIOUS. Team Rice did not cover. They would have covered had Cromartie's touchdown counted.

Sports are so weird.