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Rob Ford is wearing an Orlando Franklin Broncos jersey

The zinger of the century came out of Rob Ford's Toronto-themed jersey selection.

Perhaps you have heard of Rob Ford, the man who is somehow mayor of a major North American city despite his drug use, constant drunkenness, occasional racism, very public sexual statements and just generally being a huge buffoon. None of this is libelous, because all of this is real stuff that has been documented as having happened. He was elected to public office, and did that stuff. (He's also fat and makes a lot of funny faces, which sometimes prevents people from getting elected to public office, but that's neither here nor there.)

Anyway: since he's technically the mayor of Toronto, he gave a press conference Tuesday to talk about the city's budget. Of course, he did that while wearing a Broncos jersey:

Specifically, he's wearing the jersey of Orlando Franklin, the Broncos' starting RT who grew up in Toronto after being born in Jamaica. We bring this up not because it's crazy for a mayor to wear a football jersey of a player from his city before the Super Bowl, but a) because it's Rob Ford and b) because this brought us THE BEST TWEET OF ALL TIME:

So rarely has a tweet nailed it on so many levels.

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