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USA's youngest Olympic luger learned on a homemade wooden track

Olympic training in the backyard!

Gene Sweeney Jr.

Here is a story of a very cool dad and a kid developing Olympic-level skills in his own backyard. Per NPR: When Tucker West was 6 years old, he watched the luging in the 2002 Olympics and thought he'd like to give it a try. So his dad, like any enterprising dad, slapped together a wooden luge track in their Ridgefield, Conn., yard:

Twelve years (and, ya know, some actual training on real luge tracks) later, an 18-year-old West is the youngest competitor on the American luge team in Sochi. And it all started on a track his dad made. VERY COOL DAD.

More of the story, an interview, and some more pictures can be found at NPR.