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Syracuse head coach calls Atlanta 'softnosed' amid Snowpacalypse

Between this and whatever the latest thing Jim Boeheim said about North Carolina was, you have to wonder how in the hell the Orange ended up in a Southern conference.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Syracuse coach Scott Shafer is on a recruiting trip to Georgia. He's also on Twitter playing on his "#hardnosed" catch phrase, calling out the city those recruits call home. [Update: These tweets have been deleted, and Shafer has sort of apologized.]

That's fine, I guess. Our highways are disheveled parking lots coated in black ice because of our lack of New Yorker fortitude, not because of abominable civic planning. Granted.

But when did Syracuse become the arbiter of toughness?

And while Shafer's #hardnosed approach to recruiting isn't exactly working ...

... and this incident isn't going to help matters ...

... at least people are talking about his team now.

Elsewhere, Chipper Jones is the actual #hardnose hereOhio State's offensive coordinator was stuck in traffic for 17 hours, and, no, Mark Richt didn't end up crashing with a four-star South Carolina recruit.