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Here's Len Dawson smoking a cigarette at halftime of Super Bowl I

Remembering a classic photo from a simpler time.

At halftime of Super Bowl XLVIII, the Seahawks and Broncos will retreat to climate-controlled locker rooms, probably use all sorts of high-tech equipment and high-grade medicine to keep their bodies in peak condition, watch film, give speeches, and so forth. At halftime of Super Bowl I...

(Backstory hereColorization here.)

It was 1967. Times were simpler. You prepared for two more quarters of intense football with a cig and a nice diet grapefruit beverage (and then lost, in Len Dawson's case).

I believe this scene can be recreated, though. Not this year, but some day. WE NEED JAY CUTLER IN THE SUPER BOWL.

But for real, imagine if a quarterback was caught smoking a cigarette on the sideline in 2014. The internet would short.