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Seahawks son surprises Seahawks mom with Super Bowl tickets in awwwwwww-inspiring video

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Seahawks mom had waited her whole life to tickets to the big game, so Seahawks son got them for her. She didn't quite believe it, though.

Need some Super Bowl Awwwww in your life? Well, thank the Harris family, a Seahawk son who surprised his Seahawk mom with the tickets she'd waited a lifetime for:

(via CBS Sports)

The exchange is priceless.

"Those are Super Bowl tickets."

"No. No they're not."



"We can!"

Son explains via YouTube that when his lifelong Seahawks fan mom was pregnant with him, she'd been unable to greet the team returning from a playoff victory at the stadium. They'd briefly talked about going to the Super Bowl this year, but hadn't been able to afford it -- until ticket prices began to drop precipitously. Plus you stay in New Jersey -- hey, we told you that was a good idea! kind of -- and fly in the day before for the cheapest tickets. And it's somehow affordable.

Gotta find a dogsitter for that bulldog and basset hound, tho.