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'Draft Day': an actual movie about the Cleveland Browns

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Alternate title: Trouble With Remembering The Titans' Blind Side For Love Of The Moneyball.

This trailer was released on December 23. Some things happened right after that. Maybe that's why no one really knows about this movie at the moment. Let's change that. Because this is a trailer for a movie about the Cleveland Browns. A real movie. About the Cleveland Browns. Think about that.

Some thoughts on the trailer:

- This movie supposedly takes place present-day-ish. (At first I thought this was gonna tell the story of Tim Couch or something.) And yet, one of the main plot points in the trailer is the Browns trading UP in the draft order by taking the Seahawks' pick. what

- There's no way the pitch for this wasn't "Make us a Moneyball about the NFL!"

- Kevin Costner in a sports movie?!?!?! That'll NEVER work

- twitter jokezzzz

- This is the poster for the movie:


probably no Photoshop at all there

- oh good Chris Berman and Jon Gruden are in this movie great

- Is ... is Frank Langella supposed to be blind?

- This is my favorite genre of movie: incredibly rich straight man's life will be ruined forever if he doesn't make another few million dollars

- It looks WAYYYYY better than Million Dollar Arm

- This tidbit from Wikipedia:

When the idea for the movie was first made public, the movie was to be centered around the Buffalo Bills instead of the Cleveland Browns but the studio changed it to the Browns because of cheaper production costs in Ohio.


(h/t to David Sims)