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The New Orleans Saints got their Popeyes in the locker room

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The New Orleans Saints love that chicken from Popeyes, and they got some before Saturday's playoff game. They are going to win the Super Bowl.

The New Orleans Saints have lost all three road playoff games they've played under Sean Payton. Earlier this week, several players on the team thought they had identified the reason for their failures, remembering a road trip tradition from their 2009 Super Bowl run:

"Coach has got to give us Popeyes in the plane again," said wide receiver Robert Meachem. "Everybody's talking about that. Every road trip in '09 we had Popeyes. Coach needs to bring back the Popeyes. Wherever we play, whoever we play, when we get on the plane -- have the Popeyes ready."

"We've had Popeyes since '09, but just not this year," said running back Pierre Thomas. "Oh, we had it so much in '09. Popeyes has been good to us. I think we'll have Popeyes on the plane this time."

"Bring the chicken," added wide receiver Lance Moore. "Don't forget the chicken."

Sure enough, with the team in Philadelphia for Saturday's Wild Card matchup with the Eagles, Payton delivered:

Louisiana Fast indeed. This is beautiful: an entire locker room of professional athletes chowing down on chain fried chicken.

I'm not a betting man -- just a man who is passionate about his fried chicken, and thinks Popeyes is so much better than KFC that I'm not sure how KFC manages to remain in business. But if I was a betting man, I'd put some money on the Saints, because Popeyes = victory. Always.