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Watch a Seahawks crane demolish a Denver Ford Bronco

Every Seahawks fan should be required to watch this before the Super Bowl.

Literal Super Bowl matchups, RANKED:

(1) Patriots fans melting down their fillings in the alternate universe. 49ers fans giving scathing reviews to Mel Gibsons's period piece.

(2) Ravens vs. Falcons vs. Cardinals vs. Eagles vs. Seahawks at the same damn time. Talk about a crazy aviary!

(3) Patriots set fire to a pile of Edgar Allen Poe novels.

(4) Whomever plays the Giants, slamming The Big Show.

(5) Just lions fighting bears. Lions and bears, son!

(6) Cowboys vs. Texans (an inner struggle of one man's question for self-identity).

(834) Anything involving the Browns.

Got your own? To the comments!

(via @SportsNation)