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The Eagles set off all their celebratory fireworks despite losing

Never let a bad loss put a damper on things. Do you. Live your life. Set off fireworks.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles lost on a last-second field goal to the New Orleans Saints, ending Chip Kelly's first season on a sour note.

But hey -- that's no reason not to have a good time, right? This tweet came about ten minutes after the game ended:


a) wooo! Go Saints!

b) Fireworks are like milk -- if they didn't set them off, they weren't going to keep.

c) Despite the disappointing loss, the Eagles wanted to celebrate the fact that this was still a very good season after going 4-12 last year, and the fact that the future is very bright

d) Inspired by this:

(To be fair, the Vikings also had a fireworks false alarm earlier this year.)