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Trent Dilfer trains Tim Tebow, is not blowing anything

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Trent Dilfer's coverage of Trent Dilfer's training of Tim Tebow led to him confirming to the Internet that he is not doing a sex thing to Tim Tebow.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Look, we don't want to talk about Trent Dilfer's segment on how good Tim Tebow is at throwing now that Tim Tebow has worked with Trent Dilfer, in part because it's talking about Tim Tebow and Trent Dilfer, neither of whom have anything to do with the National Football League, which is the thing we like talking about. Also, because, you know, this.

What we want to talk about is this Twitter exchange, which we would like to preserve for history:


Trent Dilfer: "I'm not blowing anything."

There is nothing better than when people nonchalantly respond to Twitter humans who don't deserve responses without taking into account how silly it is to do so.