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What is Philip Rivers thinking right now?

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Let's take a journey into the mind of America's silliest-faced quarterback.

During Sunday's AFC Wild Card matchup between the Bengals and the Chargers, cameras caught Philip Rivers looking particularly pensive:

We often wonder what crosses the minds of NFL players as they play such an incredibly difficult, yet strategically challenging game. We especially wonder what crosses the mind of Philip Rivers. So we added a thought bubble:


"Does the bolo tie really look good on me?"

"Why did the Chiefs rest their starters Week 17?"

"Do I play football to support my seven children, or to give myself time away from them?"

"Why is Jadakiss as hard as it gets?"

"Why did I suddenly become really great at quarterback again?"

"Could God microwave a burrito so hot that even He couldn't eat it?

"Why are we here? Not, like, on Earth. Cincinnati. Why do we have to be here." Skylinerivers_medium