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J.R. Smith tries to untie an opponent's shoe immediately after getting warned for that

J.R. Smith is the king of fools.

On Sunday, while the Knicks were playing the Mavericks, J.R. Smith untied one of Shawn Marion's shoes while the two were standing side-by-side at the free-throw line. It was a silly little bit of gamesmanship that he's done before without getting caught, and it didn't get him fined or anything. It did get him a warning from the league, though, and at least the appearance of criticism from coach Mike Woodson.

On Tuesday night, in the Knicks' next game after the warning, in the FIRST QUARTER of said game, J.R. tried to do it again, as seen in the video above by the wonderful Oakley & Allen. This guy, man. This guy.

UPDATE: NBA announces $50K fine for this misbehavior. From the release:

New York Knicks guard J.R. Smith has been fined $50,000 for recurring instances of unsportsmanlike conduct, it was announced today by Rod Thorn, President, Basketball Operations.

During the Knicks’ 92-80 win over the Dallas Mavericks on Jan. 5, at American Airlines Center, Smith untied the shoelace of Mavericks’ forward Shawn Marion during a free throw attempt. After Smith was warned by the league office to refrain from further conduct of this nature, he attempted to repeat the action last night during New York’s 89-85 win over the Detroit Pistons at Madison Square Garden.