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Donald Trump, Darnell Dockett feel the exact same way about ABC's 'Black-ish'

Donald Trump has some strong feelings about current TV programming. He's outraged by ABC having a show named Black-ish.

Darnell Dockett of the Arizona Cardinals feels the same way. The exact same way. Like, down to the character same way.

We're left with three possible reasons why this happened.

1. This was all a coincidence

Sorry, this is impossible. Let's try again. *ahem*

1. Darnell Dockett really liked Donald Trump's tweet

What's someone supposed to do on Twitter when they see a tweet they really like or agree with? It's not like there's an explicit button called "retweet" designed to pass those 140 characters along. No, you need to copy and paste the exact words.

2. Darnell Dockett is trolling Donald Trump

It's unclear what the end goal is of copy/pasting a tweet, but we're sure Dockett is ahead of the game.

3. Darnell Dockett and Donald Trump are the same person

Latex and prosthetics can go a long way. Has anyone seen them in the same room together? Obviously Trump can't play in the NFL, we know that -- but we're sure Dockett is smarter than Trump and could pull off playing him on TV.