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Larry Donnell lost in fantasy football because he sat himself

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Larry Donnell did not take our advice for Week 4, and he suffered for it. Via The Record:

Yes, the Giants' tight end admitted Wednesday that he indeed benched himself in fantasy football in favor of 49ers tight end Vernon Davis, missing out on his career-best performance that included seven catches for 54 yards and three touchdowns.

Donnell's fantasy team, on which he starts Drew Brees, Frank Gore, Anquan Boldin and Mike Wallace, among others, lost by 15 points.

"Would've won if I played me," Donnell told The Record after practice Wednesday. "During the game, I'm like, ‘Really?' That's the honest truth."

This has always been a fascination of mine. Athletes playing fantasy sports raises so many questions:

- Do you always pick yourself, given the opportunity? Do you reach to pick yourself or only pick yourself at appropriate draft value?

- If you do pick yourself, do you make reasonable choices with your fantasy self like Donnell did or do you always start yourself as motivation?

- If someone else picks you and it's the last game of the season and that person is your opponent and they need you to produce, do you sandbag to spite them?

- What if you're a defensive player real-life playing against someone on your fantasy team? If the game's a blowout and you're just playing out the clock, do you let him chew off a couple extra yards?

The answers to all these questions would clearly put real-life success waaaaaay over fantasy success. But what if it was a really high-stakes fantasy league with millions of dollars on the line? What then? Couldn't there be the most insider-est of insider fantasy trading? Did I just start writing a screenplay?