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The 10 greatest Randy Orton 'RKO Vines'

Randy Orton is a WWE Superstar and a one-man meme factory. He's well-known to fans for hitting his finishing maneuver, the RKO, out of nowhere. To wit:

The Internet has taken this to a delightfully over-the-top place by creating GIFs and Vines of Orton hitting the RKO on everyone, out of nowhere. Thanks to @RKOVINES, you can watch all of them in one convenient place.

For your convenience, here are the TOP 10 RKO VINES:

1. Hope you didn't want that coffee

2. Who says soccer is boring?

3. This man is probably seriously injured

4. If you're in the first two rows, you may get wet

5. No use crying

6. Watch out for that carpet ... AND RANDY ORTON

7. Improving upon a classic

8. The Viper strikes

9. The double

10. The narrative arrives

Apologies to With Spandex. Great minds think alike.