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Gordon Hayward claims he's the best player in the league, would crush LeBron James (in League of Legends)

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Bold words from Gordon Hayward (until you actually see what he's talking about)

Gordon Hayward tweeted this:

WHAT, GORDON? I mean, you're good and all and averaged 16.2 points per game last year but BETTER THAN LEBRON? ARE YOU CRAZY? I MUST CLICK THIS LINK TO FIND OUT WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT AND.... oh.

I repeat: I’m the best in the game. And probably in all the other major sports, too.

No athlete on earth is as good at League of Legends as I am.

For a while, this tweet crashed Hayward's site:


Hayward goes on to tell the story of how he got into gaming, for which his passion is well-known: he talks about it a whole bunch, and was even briefly a pro gamer in the IGN Pro League.