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Jeremy Guthrie delivers press conference in 'THESE O'S AIN'T ROYAL' shirt

Indeed, the Royals have three wins and the Orioles have zero. Those O's ain't Royals.

To be honest, we've spent the entire postseason looking to make a pun on "Royals" to go along with the song "Loyal" by Chris Brown. Jeremy Guthrie nailed it:

This was it. This was it. He nailed it. It's specific to this exact moment in time. It fits perfectly. It zings his former team, the Orioles. He nailed it. He nailed it. He pitched five innings with just one run in a Royals win and then he nailed it.

It's unclear whether all the Royals have THESE O'S AIN'T ROYALS t-shirts or just Guthrie, it is also unclear whether I can buy one.

Afterward, Guthrie apologized.