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Christian Ponder helps grieving family by giving it a spending spree

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A grieving family in Minnesota was given a much-needed distraction when Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder and wife Samantha met the Robbins family at a local mall.

Maggie Robbins lost her life in a car accident earlier this month, leaving her husband and two young children to pick up the pieces. Justin Robbins took his two young daughters to their mother's favorite store to buy them a headband and cheer them up. The family felt like their mother's spirit allowed them to meet the Ponders that day.

After getting some photos and exchanging pleasantries, the Ponders discovered why the family was at the mall and wanted to do their part. They told the store manager to put whatever clothes the girls wanted on their tab. It was a small gesture that helped brighten the day of a family in need, and proof that good stories still exist in the NFL.

h/t CBS Minnesota