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We're all invited to Paul Rudd's mom's house to celebrate the Royals' ALCS win

Jamie Squire

Paul Rudd, we just learned, grew up in Kansas, and is a big fan of Kansas City sports. He was in the crowd when the Royals completed their ALCS-winning sweep of the Orioles and he's inviting us all over to celebrate. Via KMBC:

KMBC's Johnny Kane asked Rudd what his plans were tonight.

"I'm going to be partying at my mom's house," Rudd joked.

"Is everyone invited, or is this a select group," Kane asked.

"Party at my mom's house man! She's out of town, I've got a keg. It's going to be sweet," Rudd joked. "Five dollar cover!"

I don't care that he's joking. A $5 cover is lame as hell and I'm MAD. I plan to attend, though. By the way, Paul Rudd is a selfie-seeker just like a normal person:

(Jamie Squire, US Presswire)