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Colorado School of Mines WR makes behind-the-back-of-the-DB catch

This is a play by a player named Diamond Gillis of the Colorado School of Mines Orediggers. Diamond! Mining! Orediggers! Bob Stitt! We're in love!

For years, Internet people have swooned over Bob Stitt, coach of Colorado School of Mines -- we picked him in our coaches draft! We said he'd be in the NFL someday! -- but we'd never really seen his team play a nationally televised game. Until Thursday night, when the Orediggers took on Fort Lewis College on the CBS Sports Network's Division II game of the week. And BOOM!

Of course, Stitt didn't make this awesome catch happen -- that would be wide receiver Diamond Gillis. Diamond Gillis! -- But still, Colorado School of Mines Everything. You could tune into this, or you could keep watching Virginia Tech-Pitt. Take your pick.