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Fire, tear gas, and upsetting Baylor. West Virginia fans had a busy Saturday night

West Virginia beat No. 4 Baylor. It being West Virginia fans and all, several things were set on fire:

(H/T @GottliebShow)

There was tear gas and police in riot gear too:

Sunday morning, the Morgantown Police Department released a statement on the madness:

At approximately 22:28 hours on October 18, 2014, Officers of the Morgantown Police Department responded to reports of street parties with the probability of riots and fires throughout a number of locations in Morgantown. Initially gatherings started in the Sunnyside Neighborhood and continued to escalate in both size and intensity.

Police and Fire Personnel began addressing the crowds beginning to damage property and set fires throughout the community. Additional gatherings began appearing throughout other areas of the city to include the Central Business District.

During the course of the night a number of fires were set requiring response by the Morgantown Fire Department. Groups of individuals began pushing over street lights on High Street resulting in several thousand dollars worth of damage as well as throwing rocks, beer bottles and other blunt objects at both Public Safety Personnel and their vehicles. A number of construction sites were alsobreached where fencing protecting the site was destroyed. The extent of damage throughout the city is currently unknown but will be assessed over the next couple of days.

As a result of the dangerous behavior the events were declared riots. The crowds failed to disperse after numerous warning resulting in the use of Pepper Spray and chemical munitions being deployed in order to disperse the crowds and prevent any serious injuries and minimize additional property damage.

The use of the chemical munitions resulted in the dispersal of the various groups of rioters without any serious injuries. Several individuals were arrested under various charges by a number of different law enforcement agencies that responded to requests for Mutual Aid Assistance because of the size and number of crowds engaged in criminal activity. It is anticipated that it will take several days to compile all of the statistical information regarding these incidents and a comprehensive pressrelease will be prepared at a later date.

Officials from Morgantown, the surrounding jurisdictions and West Virginia University will continue to review these incidents.

Hours earlier, the celebration started out calmly enough. Here was the scene right after the game:


Players kinda stormed the crowd, which means it's SELFIE TIME:


Mountaineer Channing Tatum-ish bro is like BOO-YAH:

And of course, it eventually came time for "Country Roads":

Crowd-surfing Mountaineer!