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You aren't prepared for Big Ten mascots doing a 'Shake It Off' parody

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We never knew just how much the world needed mascots doing a Taylor Swift "Shake If Off" parody until things went B1G. There's a stunning amount to digest in this three-minute video.

Purdue Pete is scary and lecherous

lecherous pete

Goldy Gopher needs Tinder

goldy tinder

Purdue Pete is scary and lecherous 2.0

pete 2

Sparty has the best moves in the B1G

sparty dance

Ballerina Bucky is fantastic


Sparty is a terrible boyfriend

sparty 2

We absolutely celebrate all the Big Ten mascots, no matter how creepy some of them are in this video. While we respect the rights of all mascots we're really disappointed in Testudo, Willie the Wildcat and the Nittany Lion. Not participating is very uncool.