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Dwyane Wade plays 1-on-1 with fan 'Grandma Nelly' on her 90th birthday

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Dwyane Wade accepted an older fan's challenge to a game of 1-on-1 -- kind of -- and gave her an awesome 90th birthday.

89-year-old grandmother Illuminada Magtoto had a request for her 90th birthday: she wanted to play Dwyane Wade in basketball. She even posted a video of herself hitting a shot on a (slightly lower than regulation) hoop.

Today was her 90th birthday, and Wade and Magtoto -- "Grandma Nelly," as the Miami Heat called her -- met up and hung out for a few minutes in the Heat's practice facility. They didn't exactly play -- it would've been pretty messed up if Wade had gone 100 percent against her and destroyed her 21-0 in a game of 1-on-1 -- but they tossed a ball around for a few minutes.

When Wade finished one of her shots by tapping it into the hoop, he had a zing at the expense of teammate Mario Chalmers:


Anyway, this was really sweet, and as Wade says, it's a moment both parties will probably remember for quite some time.