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Royals tried to get that Marlins fan to move during Game 1

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[crowd begins chanting] "LET HIM SIT. LET HIM SIT."

Laurence Leavy, the ubiquitous Marlins-jersey-clad World Series fan, is well-known to SB Nation. The die-hard sports fan and Marlins season ticket holder once again popped up in Kansas City on Tuesday night, an annual reminder that he exists and always has GREAT seats.

Not everyone was tickled by his antics (said antics being "sitting there and wearing his team's jersey"), however. According to the Miami Herald:

"The owner of the Royals was extremely upset that I was there," Leavy said.

They offered him a private suite if he would move.

They tried enticing him with free World Series goodies if he would get rid of the orange jersey.

No way, Marlins Man said.

I would have gone with "Cram it with walnuts, ugly." But I guess "No way" works, too.

Stick to your guns, Marlins Man. The baseball world supports you.