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Cristiano Ronaldo scores an absurd goal at Anfield

He is so, so, so, so good.

Cristiano Ronaldo is next level. There is no other way to describe it at this point.

He is the man with more goals in La Liga than all but three teams this season. He is the man who set a Champions League scoring record last season. He just repeatedly defies logic and reasonable expectations.

This time, he did it by scoring an amazing goal at Anfield. James Rodriguez's chip to him is exquisite and would normally be the topic of discussion. It is that good, but Ronaldo made him and that pass an afterthought with his finish because it was incredible.

The scoreboard only read "Liverpool 0-1 Real Madrid." It seems so pedestrian and average, but no one who saw the goal would ever think of it as such.

After the goal, Martin Tyler said, "We need to invent a new lexicon of superlatives for this man."

That is so, so true. And possibly an understatement. He is just sublime.