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Homeland Security cracks down on illegal Royals panties

Kansas City Panties

It looks like Homeland Security is in the panty business now.

According to the Kansas City StarPeregrine Honig was going about her day, just trying to sell some cheeky World Series panties in her store, Birdies Panties, when she got a visit from Homeland Security

The panties, with "Take the Crown" and "KC" across the bottom, were set to be sold in Honig's Birdies Panties shop Tuesday. But Homeland Security agents visited the Crossroads store and confiscated the few dozen pairs of underwear, printed in Kansas City by Lindquist Press.

"They came in and there were two guys" Honig said. "I asked one of them what size he needed and he showed me a badge and took me outside. They told me they were from Homeland Security and we were violating copyright laws."

It's a good thing we have Homeland Security to protect us from the terror of bootlegged panties.