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Peyton Manning yells at Denver crowd, gets mad at scoreboard operator

Denver was obviously going to win at this point, but Peyton still needed to run the offense. SO BE QUIET,

Denver was up, 35-21, on San Diego with under two minutes to go. A first down would ice the game. Peyton Manning really wanted that first down, and the Broncos fans cheering were not helping him get it:


Then one of his offensive linemen false started, and he was NOT HAPPY:


On the one hand: dude! Let your fans be happy! On the other: being a curmudgeonly stickler for perfection is how you become one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, and that extends to taking things really really seriously even when a win is all-but-guaranteed.

Manning went on to take issue with the scoreboard operator, who was apparently getting the crowd fired up with music and video during the possession in question, which is a first:

Surely, Manning loves and appreciates Denver's fanbase, and this was just a moment of temporary frustration. But still. It's funny.

After the game, Manning explained his issue with the scoreboard operator.