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Stanford's band spells Ohio State 'OH-NO'

Stanford's band strikes again.

You know how Ohio State's band, The Best Damn Band In The Land, famously spells out "O-H-I-O" with a tuba (or local luminary) dotting the i every game? Looks like Stanford's band has their own version, spotted by our Steven Godfrey from the press box in Palo Alto.

Looks like the tree is dotting the I-that's-actually-an-N, too.

Stanford's band has a bit of a tendency for being goofy weirdos that can get on people's nerves -- they angered people with their performance at the Rose Bowl this year, and the year before.

We're not quite sure what reason Stanford would have for beef against Ohio State -- they haven't played for 1982 -- and it's certainly possible they're just spelling out "OH NO" or shouting out Apolo Anton Ohno. But they could also be taking a shot at Ohio State's ongoing troubles with their band, and knowing Stanford's band, that seems likely.

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