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Jets try hiding guy in the end zone return, fail massively

Remember the hiding guy in the end zone kickoff return? The Jets tried it. It didn't work.

The Jets now have Percy Harvin, one of the most talented return men in the league. In his first game, the Jets decided to have him run the ball out of the end zone and attempt to throw the ball across the field to TJ Graham, who had been camoflaged against the end zone, a la Riley Cooper and TCU players in past.

Here's Graham hiding:


But it did not work. Not even close.


The kick was far too deep to execute this play. If Harvin had thrown, even a good throw likely would have resulted in a safety or a fumble recovered for a TD by the Bills. This play is really hard to pull off as is, and the Jets should've had something in place for Harvin to opt out of the trickeration after the kick made the play impossible to execute.

If we had to guess, we'd say Jets' offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg is responsible for this -- he was the Eagles' offensive coordinator when they ran the gambit with Cooper.